How To Apply False Eyelashes

  Step 1: Choose your Favourite BD Lashes 

Grab your favourite pair of lashes fresh out of the box! Not sure which lashes are best for your eye shape? Take our lash guide quiz!!


  Step 2: Wiggle The Lash Band 

Before measuring and cutting your BD Lashes, you first want to remove the lash from the tray and gently wiggle the band to loosen it. This will ensure that the lashes are not stiff while molding to your eye shape!


  Step 3- Measure Lashes

Take the same lash we used in step 2 and place it on your lash line without glue to measure the length. The access lash that falls outside your natural lash line is what you will trim off.


  Step 4- Cut Excess Lash

After completing, step 3 you want to remove the lash from your lash line. The amount you measured, you now want to trim that access using your BD Lash Scissors. Repeat step 3 and step 4 for the other lash.


  Step 5 - Prep Your Natural Lashes

Curl your natural lashes using the BD Lashes lash curler and apply 1 coat of mascara on both eyes.


  Step 6- Apply Glue To Lashes

Using your favourite lash glue, apply a thin coat of lash glue on both lashes. Apply extra glue on the inner and outer corner. Wait 30-45 seconds for the glue to get tacky.


  Step 7- Apply Lashes!

Using the BD Lashes Precision Lash Applicator, place the base of the lashes between the applicator. Grab a handheld mirror. Place the mirror below your nose, tilt your head back and place the lashes in the middle of your lash line. Then secure both inner and outer corner of the lashes to your lash line.



  Step 8- Press and Repeat!

After the lashes are securely placed, use your fingers and press your natural lashes to the false lashes to ensure no gaps. Repeat steps 6-8 on the second lash and VOILA! You applied lashes like a pro :D 



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